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    Kyle Ashlee, Ph.D. is a consultant, writer, and educator who facilitates critical reflection on identity for social justice action. Kyle works with teams and individuals to examine dynamics of privilege and oppression within inherited systems of power. He offers workshops, retreats, and keynote presentations on men and masculinities, critical whiteness, social justice education, neoliberalism in higher education, and leadership development. He has published several peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and blog posts related to social justice, as well as an award-winning book - VITAL: A Torch For Your Social Justice Journey. He has developed innovative and engaging social justice programs at colleges and universities around the world. Kyle earned his doctorate in Educational Leadership from Miami University in 2019 and his master's in Student Affairs in Higher Education from Colorado State University in 2009. He was recognized as the Social Justice Educator of the Year and the Harry Canon Outstanding Professional by ACPA College Student Educators International. In addition to teaching, writing, and consulting, Kyle is a proud father and grateful husband.

  • Workshops

    Making Meaning of Manhood

    In this workshop, Kyle Ashlee explores patriarchy, hegemonic masculinity, and new possibilities of manhood through critical, intersectional perspectives on men and masculinities. Dr. Ashlee invites participants to examine masculinities within the context of inherited systems of power.

    Critical Whiteness Work

    In this workshop, Kyle Ashlee invites participants to reflect on what it means to be White within the context of systemic racism. Through story sharing and self work, Dr. Ashlee guides participants through a critical exploration of whiteness toward identifying actions for racial justice.

    Social Justice Leadership

    In this workshop, Kyle Ashlee discusses five principles of social justice leadership (vulnerability, identity, trust, authorship, liberation) from his award-winning, best-selling book, VITAL: A Torch for Your Social Justice Journey. In this workshop, Kyle facilitates social justice leadership development through self work and story sharing.

    Resisting Neoliberalism with Mindfulness

    In this workshop, Kyle Ashlee discusses the effects of neoliberalism in higher education and outlines a model of mindful resistance as a tool for challenging neoliberalism by doing more with less. Dr. Ashlee invites participants to consider action steps they can take to be more mindfully resistant to neoliberalism.

  • Resources

    VITAL: A Torch for Your Social Justice Journey

    In this award-winning, best-selling book, Kyle and Aeriel Ashlee offer approachable and accessible tools for social justice leadership. VITAL - Vulnerability, Identity, Trust, Authorship, and Liberation - the five core principles of this book, will give readers the tools and confidence they need to effectively integrate social justice into their everyday lives. This book is available in paperback and e-book on Amazon.

    College Men and Productive Masculinity

    This book chapter offers concrete tools for college and university leaders to transform institutions of higher education by engaging college men through a lens of productive masculinity. Specifically, this chapter provides considerations for including men in efforts to combat destructive and violent behavior on college campuses.

    Mindfulness and Racial Identity Development

    for White College Students

    In this journal article, Kyle Ashlee demonstrates how mindfulness practices can be used with White college students to promote their racial identity development and reduce harm to racially marginalized students in diversity education.

    Challenging Neoliberalism with Mindful Resistance

    In this blog post, Kyle Ashlee discusses the dehumanizing effects of neoliberalism and outlines a model of mindful resistance as a tool for challenging neoliberalism by doing more with less.

    The Student Affairs State of Affairs

    In 2019, Kyle Ashlee asked student affairs professionals, “What are the top three issues on your mind as you prepare for the academic year?” This blog post is an attempt to capture what he discovered about the larger trends shaping higher education.

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