• speaking with kyle.

      more than simply providing insightful information,

      when kyle speaks, he will engage you and your organization to

      look deeply into your work, reflect on your priorities, goals, and strengths,

      and inspire you to expand your understanding of the world.


      kyle speaks about masculinity, fatherhood, education, and social justice.

      he will share innovative research, creative practices, and personal stories

      that will empower audiences with the awareness and knowledge

      they need to transform their lives, their work, and their communities.

    • speaking topics.

    • reimagining manhood.

      society is changing and masculinity looks very different than it has in the past. in this talk, kyle shares how traditional notions of manhood are changing and how many are reimagining what it means to be a man.

      cultivating beginner's mindset through fatherhood.

      imagine seeing the world with a child's curiosity and wonder. in this talk, kyle shares how fatherhood has taught him to experience his life with joy and gratitude.

      a dad discovers his emotions.

      most men are not taught how to understand their emotions, which can present challenges during the ups and downs of parenthood. in this talk, kyle shares how is experience as a father has presented daily opportunities for him to explore and express his feelings.

      the student affairs state of affairs.

      based on kyle's most influential essay, this talk explores the the top ten issues on the minds of student affairs professionals today.

      mindful resistance.

      in this talk, kyle explores the dehumanizing effects of neoliberalism in education and outlines the Mindful Resistance model as a tool for educators to do more with less.

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