• facilitation with kyle.

      is your team in need of a transformational process?

      maybe your group needs to spend some

      dedicated time brainstorming solutions to complex problems.

      or perhaps you are a leader who wants to

      be more aware of the dynamics and needs of your team.


      working with kyle as your facilitator,

      you and your team will gain more understanding

      of the diverse strengths and talents within the group,

      an increased awareness of the barriers that might limit your team,

      and concrete action strategies for how to accomplish your goals.

    • how it works.



      beginning with a free 30-minute assessment, we will discuss your team's needs and work together to develop a facilitation plan to help you meet your goals.



      beginning with story-sharing, we will explore the talents within the team and any current challenges. finally, we will develop concrete action strategies.


      full commitment.

      before the facilitation, i will share resources & reflection questions to prepare the group. afterward, i will follow-up with notes & insights from for our time together.

    • schedule a free assessment.

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